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Post by retrography on Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:02 am

I remember seeing Puttnam's Emporium.

Around 1991, I stayed home one day. Puttnam's probably aired around 10am or 11am (Central) on YTV. Regardless, it wasn't a time when working or schoolbound people could watch. I saw it, and thought it was amazing. After seeing the intro, I believe I thought it was British (this was before YTV's 1990's American Nickelodeon imports).

I believe remember the episode The Chain Letter, where "Ivan tears up a chain letter". I believe I remember Caldicott was doubtful that destroying a chain letter could bring bad luck, but he was hurt somehow, possibly by falling off the counter or something was dropped or spilled on him. The Blooper episode seems to have a clip of things falling on characters while talking about luck, so that could be surviving clip.

I saw Puttnam's again, but didn't enjoy the episode. I know I saw several before The Chain Letter, but I don't remember them. I know I enjoyed it because I was always surprised and excited to see the show's opening intro.

I remembered the show's name, but a decade ago, the internet didn't yet remember. I believe there only was someone on a forum asking if anyone remembered it around 2000, and IMDB wasn't large enough to know.


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