Character impressions?

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Character impressions?

Post by retrography on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:05 am

What were your character impressions?

Mr. Puttnam is the ultimate kindly grandfather. He is knowledgeable, moral, friendly, knows Santa, and works. Not a complex role, but well acted.

I'm often attracted to the "breakout character", but usually a character that breaks from the storyline and practically observes the show from the outside. It's not the same thing, but they're often sarcastic or break the fourth wall. I think Caldicott qualifies. He's a little "too cool for school", but he's fun and cuts the sentiment. If the show were American, I believe there would be Caldicott action figures.

Ivan was cool. He's a synthesis of a 1960's engineer/chemical scientist, and a 1980's computer scientist, who travels back in time for some reason. While he spends his time in the closet, I think he's just awkward. Also well acted.

In the Christmas episode, Katy wears an Esprit shirt. Remember how fashionable that was? Cute 80's girl.

I didn't like Benjamin the Beefalo head. Before, I had thought he was a dopey cartoon character. From the Blooper episode, the actor seems to have a quick wit. As an adult, he'd be a fantastic addition to our interior decor, and a good companion, but omnipresent observers tend to require worship.


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