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A boom sound guy

Post by retrography on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:25 am

Dude here talked about Saskatchewan-

Jay said this-
"I stayed in Regina, always getting frustrated watching people get to know what they were doing and leave. I stayed and experienced lean years. For two or three years I worked freelance on a CKTV kid’s showcalled Putnam’s Emporium. I was a boom sound guy. Made just enough to cover my rent and power.The work got a little more steady in the 90s. Still little in winter but just got to be more and more shows. The business evolved and producers realized people would stick around if there was a viable industry. The Province built a sound stage, and that made a difference, because it helped legitimize the industry in general. I alway equate it with the hockey analog: hey we have a good hockey team…wheres your rink?. Uhh..we don’t have a rink."

So yeah. If you've read my lost-episode-philosophy thread, you know I believe Puttnam's is important Canadian Television history. Regina didn't have a soundstage; if you're not familiar, a soundstage is a room, built to stop noise from getting in so you can record audio, which is relatively important. It's noticeably lacking in amateur elementary-school films, which sound as if the incoming airplanes will soon crash into frame because of the hurricane winds.

That's awesome. It's a snapshot of small-town reality as well.


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